Hobbyweld – The Rent Free Gas Cylinder

Mixes for every application. Range includes Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Argon, Helium

Alongside our Calor Gas range, we supply Hobbyweld Gas cylinders,  which are ideal for our customers who only use gas infrequently and so don’t want to rent a high pressure cylinder that will only see occasional use.

We supply gas mixes in medium pressure cylinders for a straightforward refundable deposit.  When you need a refill, simply bring your cylinder back to us for an exchange.

Hobbyweld works out much cheaper than using disposable cartridges.

Save money by using Hobbyweld
Save money by using Hobbyweld

Why should I choose Hobbyweld?

  • Professional results for the small user
  • Mixes available for mild steel, stainless and aluminium
  • Compact and lightweight cylinder
  • Can save you up to £434.77 when compared to disposable cartridges
  • No monthly rental charges!

Our Range includes:

Hobbyweld 5

Ideal for MIG welding sheet and thin sections (under 5mm) of mild steel such as car bodywork.

Hobbyweld 15

Extra Carbon Dioxide gives this gas the capability of welding thicker steel – between 5 and 12mm.

Pure Argon

Argon is suitable for all TIG welding applications, usually when welding stainless steel and aluminium.  Hobbyweld Argon boasts a minimum of 99.995% purity, giving a good quality weld each time.  Many previous users of oxy-acetylene welding are now converting to Argon TIG welding.

Carbon Dioxide

Suitable for a wide range of welding applications with a large range of thicknesses.


Oxygen is usually used with a fuel gas for cutting, welding, brazing and soldering.


A popular purging gas used by refrigeration engineers and vehicle air comditioning companies.  It is increasingly used in go-karting and amateur racing clubs to inflate tyres.

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