Heavy Duty Waney Lap Fence Panels

Heavy Duty Waney Lap Fence Panels




Heavy Duty Fencing

Here at Bag Lane Fencing, we pride ourselves on manufacturing high-quality heavy duty timber fence panels to meet your needs. because we manufacture our panels we are able to offer a made to measure service as well as carrying a stock of standard sized panels. So if you don’t want or need the hassle of buying a fence panel and having to alter it yourself, give us a call with your measurement and we’ll make it to measure.

We manufacture the following sizes and keep a large range of stock available.

  • 6ft wide x 2ft tall
  • 6ft wide x 3ft tall
  • 6ft wide x 4ft tall
  • 6ft wide x 5ft tall
  • 6ft wide x 6ft tall

If you can’t see the size you need above please call us on 01942 893 800 and we will be able to make your fence panel to order.

Heavy Duty Waney Lap

We only manufacture Heavy Duty Waney Lap panels.

We use 8mm waney lap instead of the more traditional 6mm, we also overlap on both sides which makes our fencing stronger, so it lasts longer.

Vertical Board Fencing

We only manufacture heavy-duty vertical panels.

Vertical board is a stronger alternative to feather edge fence panels. Instead of using a thinner edge to overlap, which creates a weak spot on each board, we use the same thickness throughout each individual piece of our heavy duty vertical boards.

Unlike the waney lap panels we offer 3 kinds of vertical board fencing as follows:

Flat top – straight forward flat topped panel.
Bow top – the board is arched, making it taller in the middle
Bow downs – the board is arched into the board making it shorter in the middle

All our Fence Panels are available for collection or local delivery. We deliver to the following areas: Atherton, Tyldesley, Astley, Leigh, Wigan, Bolton, Daisy Hill, Farnworth and many other surrounding areas. If you have any questions then simply give us a call on 01942 893800 or via the Contact Us page and we’ll be happy to help.


Panel Size (ft)

6×2, 6×3, 6×4, 6×5, 6×6